What do expert studies say A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003 showed that, with regard to anti-allergy features, woven materials are practically ineffective. One thousand subjects were used to test whether protective barrier coatings on woven bedding and mattresses were effective. This long-term study did not confirm any improvement in the health of asthmatic patients. The Czech nanofibre fabric manufacturer, and the Technical University of Liberec (Textile Faculty, Department of nanofibre non-woven fabrics and materials) has made a comparative study of three types of materials: classic woven; non-woven; and the Czech company nanofibre fabric. All of these have been declared by the  manufacturers as anti-allergic.  The study concluded that nanofibre fabric has substantially improved filtration efficiency, higher air permeability and good water vapour transport properties compared with its competitors. Nanofibre anti-allergy fabric provides greater protection against dust mite fecal pellets and improved comfort compared with competitors’ fabrics.