The nanoSPACE solution NanoSPACE offers a totally new and unique solution. Its products feature a “sandwich material” of nanofibres from the Czech company. The nanofibrous barrier used is based on the principle of making fibres from polymer solutions in an electric field. This technology achieves a uniform nanofibre layer. The size of the pores in the submicron fibre structure is significantly smaller than dust mites and the allergens they produce. The size of the mites is approximately 300 microns, while the size of the allergens produced by them varies in micrometres (1-20 microns). With this material, dust mites cannot get into the bed and will not proliferate and produce allergens. The material is breathable and water-permeable, which improves comfort for the sleeper. The NanoSPACE range includes protective covers for mattresses, pillows and duvets, which are particularly suitable for people with allergies. The advantage of these products is that the customer can choose, according to their requirements, bedding from a specialised manufacturer. Your mattress, pillow and duvet can be used with the nanoSPACE protective covers and can be combined with standard bed linen. Your bedding is protected against unwanted mites and you can enjoy undisturbed sleep. NanoSPACE protective covers are machine-washable at 60 °C. NanoSPACE also offers pillows and duvets that look from the outside like conventional bedding. This bedding incorporates nanofibres that eliminate dust mites and their allergens. These duvets and pillows can be used with standard bed linen.