How to choose our products? I have my own bedding. Can I keep using it? With nanoSPACE protective covers, you can use your existing bedding.   Before using a protective cover, we recommend you wash your bedding at a minimum 60°C temperature, which kills the dust mites inside. Then cover the freshly washed bedding in the nanoSPACE protective cover. This will close in an almost hermetic way the bedding and prevent the penetration of dust allergens. Now you can make the bed with the nanofibre cover and your standard bed clothes. If you cannot wash your bedding, you can still use the nanoSpace protective cover to prevent the penetration of dust mites and their allergens. I'm considering buying new bedding. Is this a good idea? It is most effective to combine nanoSPACE protective covers with new bedding that does not yet contain dust mites and their allergens, or to use nanoSPACE pillows and blankets, which feature a nanofibrous barrier that prevents the passage of dust mites and their allergens.