Allergy Duvet NanoSPACE Smart Nano Duo

Dustproof duvet Smart Nano by nanoSPACE with nanofibres prevents dust-mites and other allergens from collecting in the filling.

New nanoSPACE Smart Nano products with microfiber textile surface are very pleasant to touch and suitable not only for allergic persons but mainly for all who care about health and clean home. Use Smart Nano products and eliminate the amount of dust and dirt!

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168,00 € tax incl.

    Duo blanket is made of the two differently thick blankets which are connected by the lace. It comprises a summer blanket + year-round one. When joined together it can serve as a winter blanket.

    Smart Nano fabric composition: 99% polyester – microfibre textile, 1% polypamid 6– nanofibre membrane, filling material - hollow fibre - 100% polyester UNICO

     Smart Nano is actually a three-layer laminate (sandwich) composed of 100% polyester microfibre cloth - 90gm2 on the inside, a nanofibrous membrane in the middle and 100% polyester 50gm2 knitted fabric on the top. Nonwoven fabric has the main function of mechanically securing and fixing a nanofibrous membrane. The nanofiber membrane functions as a barrier fabric.

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